Preventative maintenance is the key to retaining the long-term functionality and resale value of your new Toyota. When you need preventative maintenance for a vehicle you bought from the dealership, it makes sense to use only the factory parts sold at our dealership. Whether you need new headlights, a bumper, a mirror, or anything at all for your late-model Toyota, we can special order it from our exclusive Toyota parts catalog. These are the same OEM parts we use when we perform service on any customer's car.


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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

Higher Quality with OEM Parts

You can't buy higher quality stock parts for your vehicle than OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). These parts are produced by the same manufacturer who manufactured the lot of parts assembled into your vehicle. This means that Honda Motor Company spent billions of dollars in engineering the vehicle and incorporating these parts to have the ideal mix of virtues. Honda Motors holds these manufacturers to contractual contingencies to guarantee the highest level of quality controls by bench testing every batch. Aftermarket parts are often produced overseas in plants that put profits ahead of reputation. They use flimsy plastic, generic rubber, and inferior metals that can't hold a candle to the ABS plastic, ultra-durable rubber, and specialty forged alloy metals used by the OEM manufacturer.

Support Backed by the OEM

OEM Brakes and Parts

When you buy OEM parts, you are not gambling with your money. The strict quality controls of OEM manufacturers allows them to stand behind their products. The standard warranty across the industry is generally one year. When you purchase genuine Toyota parts and have them installed professionally at our dealership for complex repairs, we can replace the parts if they should fail. Buying aftermarket parts is always a guessing game because few come with any warranty whatsoever. Even if they had a warranty, they typically will not honor it in cases where the part has already been installed because they will blame the mechanic.

Proper Fit and Ease of Replacement

Easy Brake Installations

Genuine OEM Toyota parts are no different than the parts already in your vehicle. You can rest assured that every part will fit exactly right every time. Our parts counter computer technicians are able to match your vehicle's VIN number with our exclusive Toyota OEM parts catalog to ensure the range of options are a direct fit. There is never a need to retrofit parts or guess of whether they are compatible. Our service technicians never waste your time and money because the quality of parts ensures that they will not have to do the same repair twice or guess if the part is bad when the original problem remains unsolved.


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