Community Partnership  

The Community Partnership in Springfield works to create healthy families, resilient children, and strong communities. The Community Partnership works to build healthy families through violence prevention, ending substance abuse, providing training and education, and establishing collaborative partnerships that provide a safety net for families in need and offer crisis intervention services when necessary.

Community Partnership

About the Community Partnership in Springfield

The Community Partnership in Springfield is located in Springfield, Missouri. It is a partner organization with the United Way of the Ozarks. The Community Partnership helps build resilient children, healthy families, and healthy communities and neighborhoods through specific programs and services.

To build resilient children, the Partnership offers and supports programs, collaborative partnerships, and related services designed to develop successful, healthy, and resilient youth and children. To help children in the community reach their full potential, the Partnership offers multiple childhood initiatives that focus on early childhood development, high-quality child care, and school readiness. The Partnership also has several programs geared towards older children, including after-school programs designed for academic enrichment, attendance mentoring and tutoring, leadership development, and drug and alcohol awareness and prevention.

To develop healthy families, the Community Partnership supports programs and partnerships designed to prevent violence, provide training and education, and end substance abuse. The Partnership also works with families to provide the resources required to help children succeed in school, learn to communicate more effectively, and develop healthier relationships. The Partnership also includes support and resources for parents and caregivers to find and maintain steady employment.

Recognizing that strong and vibrant neighborhoods and communities are essential for positive change and progress, Springfield's Community Partnership builds capacity and skills in groups and individuals. The Partnership also works to improve community engagement by building social capital and relationships.

To create positive change and build strong neighborhoods and resilient communities, the Community Partnership focuses on several initiatives, including ensuring citizens safe and affordable housing, reducing poverty and homelessness, ensuring clean water and air, preventing child abuse, reducing crime, mitigating violence, and substance abuse. It also provides children with access to affordable and high-quality childcare, preschool, and after-school programs.

Events and Involvement

There are many ways that interested individuals can become involved with the Community Partnership in Springfield. Throughout the year, the Partnership holds special events, such as conferences addressing the key issues that it targets. Individuals can also volunteer in Partnership events, such as neighborhood clean-up programs, and make donations.

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