Toyota's sporty crossover may be the answer to your transportation needs. It's fun, speedy, and well-equipped for modern living. The newest editions of the Toyota RAV4 are ready to assist the driver with crash avoidance technologies. A Toyota RAV4 lease can put you behind the wheel.

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What is the Value of Leasing a Toyota RAV4?

The Toyota RAV4 is a good package for anyone on the go. Commuters like the balance of performance and fuel economy. Families appreciate the roomy backseat and sizable cargo hold. Music lovers appreciate the full touchscreen that gives them access to Bluetooth streaming audio. The automaker has packed value into every edition, and an affordable lease can sweeten the deal.

Leasing has become almost as popular as the RAV4 itself. Shoppers turn to leases to keep their costs down. They can find more ways to fit their budget and still enjoy RAV4 driving. While each lease is different, you may be able to lower your initial down payment. When you choose a lease, you may qualify for special discounts through automaker financing. This can save you money at purchase, helping you make the leap to a new vehicle.

In some cases, your monthly payment is lower. This helps reduce your monthly costs. Some shoppers use leasing to allow them to climb the ladder to a higher trim. The RAV4 comes in LE, XLE, SE, Adventure, Limited, and Platinum editions. You may be able to afford the exact features you want when you choose a lease.

Long-term costs are minimized when you choose a lease. For instance, you only pay minor maintenance costs. After all, the length of the lease generally parallels the length of your warranty coverage. This reduces the chances that you'll ever pay for any major repairs. Furthermore, your lease expires before the car is due for a major tune-up. With a short-term lease, you are unlikely to pay for tire replacement, brake repairs or other common big ticket items.

The benefits of leasing aren't just about saving money. For some, leasing keeps things simple. They don't have to worry about a long-term investment. They are free to trade when they get excited about a new technology or a new engine.

For some, leasing is a step toward new car ownership. Instead of throwing money away on a used car, they can trade up. It's definitely a hassle when you are stuck with an old car that breaks down frequently. A lease changes the equation, offering you peace of mind every day. Likewise, getting a safer car is a good reason to get rid of an old car and lease a new one. The RAV4 crossover definitely fits this criteria. Drivers enjoy the benefits of a forward collision warning with autobrake, a lane keeper with assist, and adaptive cruise control.

For a closer look at the Toyota RAV4, take a trip to Reliable Toyota. Our staff can tell you more about the benefits of leasing this well-equipped, popular crossover.


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