Entune 3.0

Meet the New Line of Corollas

The Corolla has quietly been one of the world's finest subcompact cars since 1966. Entire generations have grown up with the model, and it's still going strong in 2018. Few would disagree that it was time to introduce bigger technology to the little car that could, though, and Toyota has answered with the Entune 3.0 Infotainment Center.

The 2019 Corolla

We're going to see increased connectivity starting in 2019. That's when all new Corollas are going to get not only the Entune 3.0 system that lets you connect your vehicle to your wearables and smartphone features, but it also gives you access to Amazon Alexa as well. That's right, a whole new generation of Corolla owners are going to enter adulthood having lively conversations with Alexa as they go on each and every adventure. Apple CarPlay and Alexa will also be standard on all upcoming Corolla models. Let's get back to Entune 3.0, though. What exactly does Entune 3.0 give Corolla owners?

Connectivity to wearable devices and smartphones

Have you ever wanted to control your vehicle without having to actually go out to it That's been the dream of every cold winter workday since cars were invented. Now it's a reality. Thanks to Entune on your 8" Corolla dash, you can now link up with your vehicle and do things such as turn on the heater on a cold winter day before you get into your car. You can also do other neat things like lock or unlock your doors and control apps from wearables or your smartphone or even Alexa.

Access great apps

Apps are a big part of our lives now and it makes sense that they’ll find a way into our cars. You have access to Yelp, Facebook, iHeart Radio, and other cool apps with Entune 3.0 in your 2019 Corolla.

Hands-free control

Voice-activation is a must in any vehicle if you're needing to access an app and to do so safely. Thanks to Entune 3.0, accessing an app is as simple as speaking a voice command. It's like talking to your vehicle and having it happily reply to you in the exact way you want it to.

Learn More about Entune 3.0

We'd like to invite you to Reliable Toyota today, either by chat, email, or phone, and ask any questions you might have about Entune 3.0. We love to talk about this remarkable system that will soon be standard on all new Toyota Corollas. We'll answer your questions, take your feedback, and of course invite you down here to test drive a Corolla that has Entune 3.0 on it so that you can see just how powerful this multimedia system is. If you want to learn more, just give us a call, send an email or come in.

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