Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota has been an innovator in electric vehicles since they were first released to the public in 1997. Here are 5 interesting facts about Toyota electric cars that you might not have know.

1. Toyota is creating a car that can charge in minutes

Everyone knows that electric cars require their battery to charge. The main complaint about early models is that they take too long to charge. Toyota has a new "solid-state" battery to help combat this problem. This battery can charge an electric car in only minutes will be utilized in cars starting in 2022.

2. Prius is the world's most popular hybrid car

Toyota has sold more than 6 million Toyota Prius vehicles. This is the most popular electric car on the market and the number one vehicle in Japan in 2011. Toyota keeps updating it to keep their most popular hybrid a leader among the competition.

3. Batteries last as long as the car

The lithium battery used in hybrid vehicles last as long as the car itself. Unlike other cars where you have to change the battery, your battery will last until your car dies or you sell it.

4. No belts

The 2010 Prius was the first car ever made that didn't require belts under the hood. Instead of the belt, everything is powered by the electric motor.

5. USA v European

An American Prius is slightly different than the ones sold in Europe. Since the release in Europe was a little after the American model. it was updated with more secure suspension and anti-roll bars.

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