Toyota Connect

Toyota takes pride in staying at the forefront of the auto industry. Bringing in Amazon's Alexa into select models this year is a move that Toyota believes will continue this trend. Alexa is a virtual, voice-controlled assistant that is used by millions of homes already.

With this familiar technology, Toyota's goal is to make it a seamless transition from using Alexa in the home to using Alexa while out on the road. Some car manufacturers have attempted to duplicate Alexa's technology, but this has been unsuccessful.

Toyota already has some vehicle equipped with Alexa's virtual assistant software using a specific infotainment system. While Alexa is only available in certain Toyota models at this time, the overall goal is to make Alexa way more accessible to Toyota drivers for 2019.

Navigation software is not new but constantly improving. Alexa will give drivers the ability to route around traffic, find the nearest gas station, or add items to a shopping cart, all with voice control. This will make a big difference in the safety of drivers on the road today.

Distraction is much less when hands do not need to be used. Alexa will make it easy for those who have to travel frequently for work have a better commute.

For families that like to travel spontaneously, Alexa makes it possible to have a virtual assistant that you can ask just about any question. Find a hotel while on the road by asking Alexa to locate nearby hotels. If you need a restaurant, Alexa is ready and waiting to answer your request.

When you are ready to learn more about the vehicles that currently contain the Alexa virtual assistant, come on over to Reliable Toyota and talk with a sales staff. Our professional sales team is ready to answer any questions that you have about Amazon Alexa and how it will change how you drive on the road today.

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