The All-Wheel-Drive Feature

Your Highlander and RAV4 trim may come with an all-wheel-drive or have it as an add-on feature. If it does, you'll want to be familiar with the All-Wheel Drive Lock Button on your new model. It's often all that's standing between staying stuck or driving away with ease. If you're stuck in the snow or mud, this little button can lock on your AWD and give you the extreme power you need to free yourself!

How To Use the AWD Lock Button

We have an instructional video available for you to watch that will demonstrate precisely how to use the lock button. Still, we'll give you a little text here as well in case you aren't a big video watcher or don't have sufficient broadband speed to watch it easily.

AWD Lock Button Instructions

  1. You must be traveling under 25 MPH to activate this feature
  2. Locate the All-Wheel Drive Lock Button
  3. Press the button once
  4. Your instrument panel should now be showing the AWD indicator light

Your system is now activated. This locks your center differential and gives you a 50-50 power split between your front and rear axles, giving you the massive drive power you need. This feature is ideal for people living in areas that frequently experience snow and muddy weather conditions, as these folks know how inconvenient it is to be stuck in these situations. Don't let yourself ever be helpless again! Your Toyota can quickly free you thanks to its locking center differential.

Learn More Today

Are you tired of getting stuck in the snow or mud every winter/rainy spring? Then don't ever let it happen again. Get a Toyota model that has All-wheel drive locking! You'll find that many vehicles in our lineup have this feature, especially our SUV products. It's always there for you to take advantage of. Some models will have this feature standard, while others will have it as an optional add-on. It's up to you as to whether you really need this feature, but we truly recommend it to everyone who comes through here. It's one of the most helpful of all drive features and gives you the extra power you need when you need it. It's as simple as clicking a button.

To learn more about this feature, reach out to us and find out which Toyota models have it available, you can write to us on our website, call us from your smartphone, or stop by today! We take walk-ins for test drives as well. Our entire dealership revolves around our customers and our customer needs. We're always there when you need us. Contact us today to learn more!

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